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Enjoy this now because everything will be destroyed. Then we will all be equal.

Yes, indeed – equally poor. Whether mistreated or not over the years, they only watched what was built around them, and now want to take possession of it all, without the skills and experience and pride to make it truly thrive.

As for the exchange rate and the corner that has backed South Africans into, that’s also all part of the plan. Tear EVERYTHING down, destroy everything, and then the rulers take over when the morale is so low, and potentially all those that could be motivated to resist are gone. That’s all part of the master plan.

If, 20 years ago (perhaps even 10), someone had shown me the previous three sentences in the paragraph above, and told it it would be written by me in the future, I would have looked at them in something beyond disbelief. I’d have seen those words as paranoid ramblings of a sad old man. Someone might now say that’s exactly what they are. And that thought caused me to pause for just a moment to ask myself where this is all coming from in my brain. The mere fact that I can pause and question my own thinking tells me I can’t be entirely off my rocker. But with deeper reflection, the pieces come together all too well, and all too completely. So, I stand on that previous paragraph, quite comfortably – but comfortable only in my own thinking, not because of what it really means for real human beings. For the reality part, the human toll part, the failure to achieve a glorious and beautiful future – for those parts, I grieve.

The answer, I entirely believe, would be found in another thread here in the Forum, however – not a political one, but a spiritual one. But that is just that – a topic for another thread. Still, I personally believe that without putting God first, people as groups will fall, and unfortunately due to the principle of personal agency, good and decent individuals will sometimes be the victims of the willfully evil ones. That it will all work out in the end is sometimes very difficult comfort in the thick of it all. It rains on the just and the unjust as well. My prayers are certainly with those that are seemingly without recourse in unacceptable conditions not of their own making.