I read this from a person who actually commented on the “Zuma must Fall” banner that was erected in Cape Town and subsequently torn down by ANC supporters. He said: In 1999 I visited a friend on his farm in the Ermelo district. His foreman on the farm was a wise and greying old Zulu. He made some comments that day which I now see as a prophecy… He said “Look around you and look at all your posessions. Enjoy this now because everything will be destroyed. Then we will all be equal” (One of the commentators on the page) – The sad fact is that this is the thinking.

This is the reasoning unfortunately of the majority in this country. My girl must start her 2nd year at Pretoria University and already the registration has been delayed by a week. How is this year going to go for her?? What started as “Fees must Fall” has now become “No Fees”. We have looked at Australia as a possibility and have gone over twice to look at businesses. However, the Australians see the South Africans coming a mile off. They want you to basically buy a business that consists of a name, a desk, fax machine, computer and a clapped out bakkie for AUD 350 000-00. No service contracts in place – nothing. Australians are also very patriotic and actually do not want to support a business run by an immigrant. I found the Nieu Zealanders far friendlier towards South Africans.

Audi in Germany for instance insist on South Africans being employed instead of native Nieu Zealanders because of our work ethic. However, they locals find us bossy and arrogant – LOL. It must be the Dutch and Germany blood coming out. With an exchange rate at around R16-79 to the USD and R11-70 to the AUD it is almost too late to go now. Luckily we have bought an apartment on the Gold Coast of Australia in 2006 when the exchange rate was R6-50 to the AUD. Gold is up 457% in Rand Terms since 2006. It is the best performing asset class – makes you think doesn’t it? I bought R5000-00 in July 2015 Bitgold and it went up to R6300-00 in December in 5 months. We are going to be downgraded to junk status which is going to push the Rand weaker to R18-00 or R20-00. Inflation pressures and purchasing power of the Rand is going to hit the poor the hardest. We need to import maize and wheat because of the drought at these exchange rates. The poor will rise up, I am very worried for 2016.