Eagle ,
I use have both the US made ammo and the bulk Russian stuff , your right , there is a difference in quality . But the affordability factor is a big issue with a lot of people , somebody can get 3-4 boxes of the Russian ammo for the price of just one box of American made ………big difference , I cant blame people for choosing the lesser quality in order to be able to stock up , then getting the odd box of American made here and there . It will eat anything . I have noticed that the hollow points dont really expand that well with the cheap stuff , but the SP on the other hand works well .

As far as the US made AKs , I would love to have one , but cant see spending over 1000 for an AK , when I can be patient , and wait for a 12 – 1400 FAL in a private sale . 5-700 for a new mid range Ak , doesnt bother me a bit . In some ways they price themselves out of the market . The hard core fans will pay it , but the bigger group will hesitate . Would LOVE to have a Scar 17 ………then again , no gun is worth what they want for it .