Today, as drove through my gate to leave ‘my safe little space’ in a jungle of madness ( City of Johannesburg) I am not sure how safe? My eyes met with a black man’s eyes that were standing close to my gate. He was not on the driver’s side. He was in the middle of the road. It is in their culture not to walk next to the road.
I saw him as I was going through the gate, thinking One black male to the left – and then our eyes met. He was glaring at me with hate in his eyes. Just standing there in the middle of the road.
Ok, if he attacks me now, my dog will be there because the gate was still open – First thought and then second thought – what on earth could I have done to upset him. I kept him in the corner of my eye as he came closer with the gate now closed. A few seconds later, I drove off knowing that if need be, I was ready to defend myself. But – why? This house belonged to our family for more than 10 years. I know the people living up and down the street. This guy is not a South African and from what I could see does not like me. And he is hanging around my area with many others walking around (jobless)
If they could do the maths. How are they going to divide 5 % (White population) assets between the 95% of them.
In Gauteng two Universities are closed – students keep on vandalising property. A Home Affairs office had chaos in Pretoria this week. More than 200 arrested. Black people are throwing bricks and rocks from bridges on vehicles.
A historic little town in Mpumalanga buildings are being burned and shops looted.

Farmers that caught black men that wanted to attack an old farmer in Parys (Freestate) were arrested. Two suspects died in hospital. With farmers being tortured to death on farms across South Africa and the ANC and EFF singing Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer in front of the court house in Parys…
I can only say that things are heating up. People are battling to survive the crime, the economy and the weather. Robberies, hijackings and attacks in Gauteng are simply building up. More white people leaving. Some older people trying to leave and not succeeding. Others that said they would never leave, now trying to start the mountain of paper work.
Should I go to bed tonight and close my eyes with a prayer. Or maybe just pray and stay awake till morning.

I could find reports in Afrikaans only.