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Don’t dive in too far, those rivets are the devil in the details.

Something you may like to see,


AK4774 operators union has a great video on their website that shows a quality build and the work involved, worth watching several times.


Personally I think the WASRs are still one of the best deals available.
However they are not up to the same standards of a custom, or semi custom build such as those by Rifle Dynamics or others.

In a rack grade gun, I still prefer the Hungarian (FEG) AMD-65 folders.

Thank you for the links. I will check them out.

For some reason, the best deal with regard to availability and price was the WASR. Not sure if it means anything, but for $619.99 out the door I couldn’t complain about that at least.

Those rivets do look a bit harsh. I find it interesting how everything is riveted rather than welded. Since this is my first AK, I will be doing a lot of investigation and messing with it to learn how it all works. Seeing how they are built from parts/flats to firing would definitely help a lot.