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ROFL! Decatur? Figgers… I think the story about got it right:

The state Legislature is controlled by Republicans and the governor is also a Republican. Oliver has yet to pick up a Republican co-sponsor for her bill. The leader of the state’s most prominent gun rights organization, Georgia Carry Executive Director Jerry Henry, predicts that Oliver’s bill will not move forward.

Decatur – the city that changed its motto from, “A city of homes, schools, and churches,” to “A city of homes, schools and places of worship.” It’s within the I-285 loop around Atlanta, and hardly represents Southern thinking, thankfully.

Thanks for the heads up, though. I don’t think ANYone’s out of the woods on the gun issue anymore. And Decatur will probably keep electing this (___fill in with favorite appropriate derogatory term___) to “her” seat in the State Legislature.

One question I have for all the gun-grabbers making headlines: if the gun owners are all so dangerous, why do the gun-grabbers keep speaking out and risking their lives by enraging all these murderous, angry gun owners? LOL