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… [T]he US president is viewed as being totally ‘out classed’ by Putin, and de-stabilizing huge regions with an ineffective, poorly executed and constantly shifting foreign policy. (Personally I would assess this is actually a very clever tactic as opposed to actual incompetence)

That’s exactly how I see it. I do not believe he’s the low intelligence, bumbling fool some make him out to be. But I also believe that’s part of the overall strategy, to appear to have an opposition, while the opposition points people’s attention in the wrong direction – away from the carefully crafted, intentional destruction of the United States. Under Republicans, we end up at the same point as the Democrats take us anyway, perhaps just a bit slower, and with a bit different “flavor” – but basically the same ultimate outcome regardless. So if the Republicans point to the President’s “incompetence” and “ignorance,” ably assisted by their “fair and balanced” Fox News mouthpiece, a poorly educated and informed public buys it, buys into a “switch” every few years at the ballot box, and two sides of the same coin that keeps getting flipped continue rolling down the road.

Toby, I’m presuming you inadvertently left out a “doesn’t” in that assessment – that the US is the only one that DOESN’T know the emperor has no clothes.