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Its that time of year and though this wouldn’t help if you fell through ice into deep water, hip boots would help keep you dry if traversing terrain where you have the occasional wet areas to contend with. I just bought these today in the store for $5 less than shown here.


Long story short the in-feed to my pond was plugged. It was 23 degrees out and windy. Using a heavy maul I smash ice away to get access to where I needed and see I have to get into the water to fix the problem. No problem I think being I have my 18″ high boots on and the water is not deep. Turned out the water was a little deeper than that and my boots filled in an instant with 32 degree water. To make matters worse I couldn’t clear what I needed to without plunging my arm in too. Having done that dance before I decided to go buy some hip boots today. Fortunately it was only a few hundred feet back to the house. The numbing effects and pain from water that cold comes quickly. Being out in the cold is not a big deal as you can dress for it, but you cannot get wet like I did. It changes everything very fast. I did have on wool socks like we discussed last year though…..

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