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74, there is no doubt but that Hispanics have and are changing the US and that it is not an exact parallel with other waves of immigrants that changed the US, but it not the same as with Muslims. Hispanics will eventually assimilate. Muslims will not. The US was mainly a Protestant country until huge numbers of Irish, Italians, Polish and others came from Europe and French came down from Quebec, and also large numbers of Jews coming in from Eastern Europe. The religious mix changed significantly, but all became Americans. The country changed to a new normal for what is considered American. Recent decades has seen mostly Hispanic immigrants who are significantly changing the mix. Their assimilation has been slower but it will happen, and what will emerge will be a new normal. Part of the difference is that a century to a century and a half ago uneducated unskilled immigrants were not a huge burden on the then society in which a large portion of the native population was also substantially uneducated and unskilled. They helped fuel the country’s rapid industrialization. With the notable exception of Cubans, Hispanic immigrants from Puerto Rico, Mexico and Central America though also uneducated and unskilled have come to an America with very little need for them. They are a huge burden. Add to that the earlier waves having come to a land without safety nets or welfare were forced to shift gears rapidly. In the modern era do-gooders do all they can to slow assimilation by providing a never-ending safety net without expectation that they will learn English and assimilate. Hispanics will eventually assimilate though but the country will have changed to a new normal in doing so. We already have to a degree. I love Mexican food. When I was a kid I had no idea what Mexican food was nor was there anywhere I could get it even if I wanted to try it. I will never learn Spanish but I accept it makes sense for my grandkids to do so. I admittedly cringe a bit when I hear of Cinco de Mayo celebrations, but there was a day when the natives likely cringed at the thought of St. Patrick’s Day parades and celebrations. I am not saying I am OK with the current illegal situation. The border with Mexico needs to be closed. All I am saying is that the ones already here will eventually assimilate. Muslims never will. Hispanic communities do pose certain criminal and social problems beyond US norms, but again not to the degree that Muslims do.