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We are on a 6-8 year plan to be able to move to either Wyoming or Alaska. Both have the hunting and lack of people that our family is after. Considering how poorly I play with other kids, those two choices are my best bet.

VT is WAY too close to the libtards of NY, PA, and all those Mass-holes. It is like an island in the North Atlantic that can only be reached during good weather or air drop…..

AZ wasn’t bad, but it is WAY too close to the libtards in CA…. Again, like VT and ME, the oasis next to the overflowing septic tank is not where I want to be. TX is over run with illegals, particularly from the Middle East and India/Pakistan. The idea of dealing with that whole headache isn’t very appealing either.

Yup….. Wyoming or Alaska for me. Rather deal with the Yellowstone super volcano than the volcanic ass chunks overflowing the Demo-nazi, illegal immigration overload, or lib-tard strongholds at this point in my life.