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Roadracer, I had the same question as 74. I don’t doubt you, I just really am interested where you saw the signs, and particularly if you got any photos. I’d love to know more about this story. I agree fully that there is no news media. As one who grew up listening to Radio Moscow’s English language service, learning first hand about propaganda, I say this with absolutely no exaggeration at all: today’s media (particularly the US) is every bit as much propaganda as Radio Moscow, Izvestia, or Pravda were in the “glory” days of the CCCP. I note that Obama, Hillary, and their comrades all want to have greater and greater control over the internet, as well.

With all that in mind, is anyone aware of a GOOD (i.e. reliable) short wave source for news as we would like to have it here? (It would obviously not be in CONUS, but offshore someplace.) Frequency(ies), time(s), etc? It may come to a point where that will be a more reliable (and safer) method of obtaining news. At least reception is not trackable.