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I was a teenager with my cousins and a friend, all of us were minding our own business outside a movie theater in a small Texas town when some older guys maybe a few years older maybe our same age saw us and decided to start publicly verbally abusing us. We felt vulnerable, we were on foot, while they were in a truck, gave them an advantage, but there were four of us and only two of them, but nearly every one with truck and a rifle rack has access to a weapon which was common as a cowboy hat. We yelled back and shot them the finger, which really pissed them off. They watched us walk back to our home rolling behind us at a distance, and once inside started roaring around the block which we were the only house on that lot. The passenger side passenger had a rifle out, but so did two of us have rifles sticking out the front room windows. Ask if we would have shot them as they stopped or even stood at the gate? Or if they had opened fire, yes we would have returned fire, but I heard the driver yell “F***, they have rifles!” and drove off. Doing a shooting as a teen might be “easier” than a mature man. Might be.

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