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MB, note that I originally said that I “reluctantly” disagreed. I sincerely do hope that if a Con-Con takes place that it is well controlled and successful in its outcome – I truly do. And Tolik is right – “we are preppers.” That’s why we do what we do – to hopefully do more than just bare survival (but even that at times, perhaps). I just hope and pray that it doesn’t come to the nightmare scenario; I also just don’t have much optimism in that regard. I support a well-constructed Convention (and outcome) IF we end up having one, I’m just not optimistic. And if one is had and it goes poorly, it would accelerate the demise of the U.S. dramatically (though in many respects I believe the concept of a constitutional republic is already dead anyway).

We shall see what we shall see, and can only hope and pray for the best.