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Putin is patriotic to his country , and defends Christianity .

Defends Christianity? Which brand? I suspect he NEEDS the Orthodox Church, in a symbiotic relationship. Defense can be for many reasons. Adherence is quite another story…. Try being a member of a “minority” Christian denomination in Russia and let me now how that’s workin’ for ya. Putin has already stated he wants non-standard (my term, his meaning) religions and denominations “monitored” (his term, not mine). And some of his political followers gaining in power and influence are actively going after some of those FBI/CIA “plants.” Yep! Just the kind of man I want in OUR White House.

And by the way – that Trump allowed the Muslim woman (a who merely stood in silent protest at his South Carolina meeting to be thrown out last night, was not something that endears him to me, either. Little reported is the fact that one of the four people also ejected in Rose Hamid’s group was a Jewish immigration attorney (Marty Rosenbluth) who had also stood in silent protest after a remark by Trump. Let’s just set up forced relocation camps for all Muslim legal residents and even citizens, while we’re at it. Heck – let’s include the Jews too, since one of Trump’s silent protesters was Jewish. We already did it to the Japanese – why not the Muslims? Just my kind of candidate for the highest office in our land. [sarc/OFF]