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I see a nightmare. First, all the corporate connections with businesses in most if not every state would be shot – all under certain state laws (where incorporation occurred), as well as federal laws (which would no longer apply in the outlying areas no longer part of the “new” USA (NUSA). Travel between “countries” could get mighty tricky. Banking? How would THAT be split up? And the New York Stock Exchange, which the feddies of the NUSA would still claim to control – what happens to everyone’s investments outside the presumed boundaries of the northeast + California? How about every single Social Security recipient in all the world, when the feddies no longer have but a tiny fraction of their former income, and are thus totally incapable of paying even the people still living in the NUSA? And those outside the NUSA? How about their checks? (Gone!) Then there are military and civilian federal retirees to be paid. How do they get paid, and who gets paid (likely only those that remain – or move to – the NUSA)? How about current military, whose families are scattered all across the nation, at military installations that for the most part are suddenly in foreign lands (like the many military bases of multiple services in Texas alone)?

Ok, so I want to move to TX to join the new Republic. How do I sell my house, and where am I getting any income from anymore? What do I use to purchase my new residence in Texas – if they even want outsiders?

Just a few “interesting” questions I thought of, off the top of my head. As Neil Sedaka sang oh so long ago, “Breaking up is hard to do.”