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If the Constitutional Convention were to take place , the fundamental differences that are sure to happen , could very well lead to a serious Secession Movement or actions …………a solution I am personally in favor of . I would like to see a break up .

Tolik, one of the problems with a breakup is that we here in our little bubble where some degree of sanity still exists (Vermont – New Hampshire – Maine) likely wouldn’t be allowed to go our own way. At a minimum NY, MA, CT, & NJ with their vastly larger population (13X ours just for those 4 before MD, PA, OH, RI, & DE are added in) would claim us as theirs, and we’d be far worse off if that gang didn’t have the checks that the current Constitution puts on them. If I knew the three of us (VT, NH, ME) could go our own way I’d see this differently.