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GS, I for one would never choose the deaths of millions (and make no mistake Civil War II would entail the death of millions) and the destruction of the economy because in theory a Constitutional Convention shouldn’t be necessary. Theory only works on paper. The real world gets messy. The majority of the population, uneducated in the Constitution as they may be, is perfectly content with how things are. They’re not going to demand change. Sure they might want more freebies but fundamentally they accept as valid the role the Federal govt. plays. Not that the Republicans would adhere to a literal interpretation of the Constitution were they to regain the Whitehouse, but at this point demographics are such that it will be extremely difficult for them to ever regain it. There is a chance this year, but the demographic tide continues to shift and it will be more difficult with each election cycle. Even good old conservative Texas is sliding towards becoming a “battleground State”. That might be the case for a couple election cycles, and then it’ll be a blue State too. Given the sheer number of electoral votes TX represents, this in and of itself may keep the Whitehouse in Democrat hands. For the non-Americans here, blue connotes Democrat States and red connotes Republican States.

The demographic shift underway is such that the sooner a Constitutional Convention could convene the better the chances something good could come out of it. Currently there are 32 Republican Governors which if we looked at the country’s demographics as a whole is incredibly skewed. The country’s population isn’t even remotely 64% Republican or conservative leaning but in a Constitutional Convention red Wyoming has an equal vote with blue New York. The red States are disproportionately the lower population States and more rural States. With all of the country’s population growth going to urban areas, over time some of the red States like Texas are going to go blue, and there will be fewer Republican Governors sending Republican delegations to a Constitutional Convention. Most of us here are old enough to remember when Colorado was a reliably red State. Nobody ever paid attention to VT given its small population and minimal electoral votes but its only been voting blue since the 1992 elections. Prior to 1992, it had only voted blue once since the 1850’s. Now here we are in 2016 with Bernie.

In some regards GS, it is now or never as the Constitutional Convention window of opportunity will only get smaller with time.