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I guess we’ll just have to disagree on the right method of a solution – at least we’re still in agreement where we want to end up. My concern is the fundamental brokenness of society, and society elects these people in D.C. that make these laws. While the President is just more outspoken and blatant about it, Congress has been going about the same process as the President for longer than any of us have been around – ignoring what’s written and looking for loopholes. And “we” put them there. The solution (and I admit not having a realistic means of applying it) is to have an educated population that understands the Constitution, the electoral process, the critical importance of intelligently participating in that process, and the will to go after elected officials that don’t DO what they were sent to do. I see nothing in those nine proposed amendments that would do a single thing to change society as a whole and gain greater and better informed participation in the electoral process. Without that, we’re not effectively changing anything, while potentially getting the process hijacked with things added in that we will live (and die) to regret. These make as much sense as the law some Republican congressman proposed to force the President to follow the Constitution. I don’t recall who that was (about a year ago as I remember), but I was simply floored that it had so much support and there was almost no opposition to it – it was a time waster, and a ploy (intended or not) to avoid dealing with the REAL issue that supposedly triggered it.

We’re broken as a society and the swirl around the drain is widening and speeding up. If someone has a solution to that problem, I’d be very interested. I dealt primarily with individual minds in my employment – I’m not a sociologist.