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The creator of the web site shadowstats.com, a highly qualified economist, thought we’d have seen the crash two or more years ago, and was virtually certain it would have happened by 2015. Obviously, that came and went, too. He’s got the numbers to show that it SHOULD have happened, and no one appears to have successfully “proven” him wrong – it simply didn’t happen. Why? Manipulation. Wires, mirrors, and smoke. I doubt that people at our level are going to be “calling” the crash, if people like him have been putting their reputations on the line and calling it for at least a couple of years.

Is it going to happen? Of that, I have no doubt. But history has shown that there are ways that simply defy any and all known laws of economics. We’re in entirely uncharted territory. The dollar is extremely strong, in comparison to almost any other currency in the world, and continuing to grow “stronger” (at least on the charts).

The most important thing we can do is have reserves of our own, in various forms, and at least a fair amount that we can get to if/when the banks shut down either due to grid failure and/or cyberattack, or else the system finally ruptures and runs on the bank are stopped in their tracks by total shut down. One way or the other, we need to have as many months of living “arrangements” as possible, whether that be because of paid off land/housing, or cash or other barter material to pay the landlord, a way to eat, and plenty of that other precious metal for taking care of any other business that comes along. The three primary precious metals are Au, Ag, and Pb.

Roof, water source, adequate clothing and possibly heat source, food, money/barter material, supplies, protection supplies and equipment, electricity generation, medical kit, medications as needed, fuel for whatever you need it for, transportation (be it bicycle or other vehicle), etc. It may get very, very ugly, but sitting around agonizing over it being just around the corner only adds to stress – an unnecessary and counter-productive condition. Someone once said, “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” A guy on YouTube has a massive number of videos with that slogan, all on preparedness of all kinds. If we’re as up to speed as we can be, we need not spend a lot of time paying attention to the catastrophe headlines – they’re mainly there to sell advertising, not to accurately inform people. Worry is useless – it saps energy. Concern is different – that’s when you do all you can to be prepared, then enjoy the life you DO still have.

But yes – the massive collapse is going to happen – sometime between Monday and 2025. You can take that to the bank.