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Roadracer, we were both typing at the same time. Amazing (or not) how our thoughts were quite similar. But then in this group, I suppose not. We foilers don’t think like the rest of the world.

Speaking of foil, you can make that foil quite sturdy by simply covering your Kevlar in it. I find nothing in The Tin Foil Hat Brigade handbook that says the hats have to be stand-alone. And I’ve heard that a new update to the handbook will specifically recommend that foilers actually apply the foil to the outside of something far more sturdy for just the reasons you recommend, so as to afford better protection against not only the secret wave beams being aimed at us, but also the more solid variety of weaponry. Plus, a solid base for the foil would serve to allow far more decorative and elaborate foil toppings, consistent with current fashion, or just individual tastes.

But back to a more serious note – Leopard’s post – I can’t even imagine what it would be like for her, a single mom, having to be even more vigilant than her male counterparts. Not that she isn’t quite capable of taking care of herself (she’s certainly proven that in her survival despite being a single parent female that has to travel around considerably due to her business). But women, elderly, handicapped, and children will always be seen as “easy” targets by bad guys, because they’re seen as the most vulnerable. I wish she and her child had a way out – along with a whole lot of others. I feel vulnerable enough here, and this is peaceful and safe by comparison!