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The problem is in the thinking of this comment below the article:

I doubt it will come to that though. I have regular contact with more than enough black people from different walks of life to know that they just want to exist. They want equal footing, and they want to care for their families and go about their days as they see fit. Extremists are usually a small percentage of a normal curve.

No, they will NOT come to the defense of whites any more than Muslims are flocking to authorities with reports of plans to kill infidels, or marching in large numbers in protest of the radical views of the terrorists. No, they will quietly hide their faces, perhaps sometimes in shame, just as the Germans did as Jews were being slaughtered.

We see what’s happened to Bill Cosby after he spoke out against the lack of black leadership in this country, and more specifically about the behavior of so many black youth. He may well be a scumbag (he’s admitted to cheating on his wife and the use of ‘ludes with some women, supposedly consensual), but many of the allegations have been entirely disproved outright, and others so thoroughly discredited that a good number of accusers should not even still be counted in the supposed total of women he’s sexually assaulted. Yet those totally bogus cases are still included in the total number. While Cosby may well be guilty of some, they’re going after him with a vengeance because he spoke out against what was wrong in the black community. And the black community here is just sitting back and letting it happen. The same will happen in South Africa and elsewhere – a few will step forward (knowing it is at the peril of their very lives and the lives of their family members), but most will turn their heads and go on about their every day business. It’s true in Israel with Arabs knifing Jews, it’s true of blacks in the U.S., it’s true in almost any case of baseless discriminatory behavior anywhere. The majority of those in the oppressing group won’t say or do anything against “their own,” regardless of how heinous the crime might be. In the last days, men’s hearts will fail them.