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Putin 2016 ………..at least you know what your getting up front .

We just saw an interview with Candy Carson yesterday. At this point, I think I’d take her over all of ‘em! What a delightful, articulate, well-educated, and intelligent lady. I think I’ll just get a bumper sticker made up that says, “Candy Carson for First Lady” and leave it at that.

Seriously, I’d only heard short 1-sentence, or at best 1-paragraph answers from her. She’s just sort of been in the background. But in the extended interview yesterday, my wife and I were really quite impressed with her. Between the two of them, their children must be easy Mensa candidates.

I looked up some background on her – she has a strong educational background, as well as business – on top of significant involvement in the arts (music). She’s done appearances on her own for her husband, not needing him to be there at her side. Very, very impressive. She also grew up in inner-city Detroit, and ended up at Yale (where she met her husband) and later Johns Hopkins (where she earned her MBA). Somehow I suspect she isn’t buying into the “poverty breeds anger, violence and lack of success” mantra.