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Tennessee would be my hands down next best choice . Fantastic state with good people .

A good friend of mine (retired senior Navy officer) lives in a rural area between Chattanooga and Knoxville, and absolutely loves it. He and his wife have got their own little piece of heaven. Another area I fell in love with after traveling there a couple of times to visit a specific business, was the area between Johnson City and Kingsport in the far northeastern corner. Absolutely beautiful country, but don’t know much about the people in the area. But just looking, they appear to be good, decent, “regular” folks. There are pockets of those kinds of people all over, but large cities or immediately outside them are “off limits” as far as I’m concerned – except for necessary travel or commerce. And between those two extremes lies the divide between the gun grabbers and us. If we could afford to sell our house, we’d move to just such an area. But alas, housing prices around this area for existing homes have plummeted to levels that prohibit replacement in a decent area. So we survive in place. Not too far down the road we’ll be too old to make a complete move. I don’t expect economic recovery before then, sadly.

Two VERY nice things about Georgia, however, are the exceptional tax treatment of retirement income along with frozen property taxes, and the also exceptionally good gun laws. It’s even legal to carry in churches now, as long as the specific church has not issued its own prohibition. I can now comfortably carry my old Air Force issue survival knife, fully legally, without consequence. I just don’t frequent the private businesses that choose to prohibit guns on their property (their right – I just don’t happen to agree with them, and won’t send my money their way). But Georgia, as a State, has really done a nice job on reversing many of the bad laws that have proliferated around the country (some here in Georgia up ’til now). It ain’t perfect, but we’re FAR better off here than most states. So on balance, we could be a lot worse off – and we don’t have to even think about owning snow shovels here! (What’s a snow blower? Hah hah!)