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Were I disposed to living in a small city [Burlington is] probably the one I’d pick. It really is that nice.

I agree. Truth be known, before I’d become fully acclimated to southern living, and I was just a young lieutenant, my wife and I talked about getting out, moving to Burlington, and opening a tropical fish store. Ahhhh, young dreams.

Now? I can’t even remotely relate to, “It’ll be in the 20’s this evening so not particularly cold.” It was in the high 20°s two nights ago here, and I ’bout froze my fingers off (in gloves, no less) while out helping at a food distribution project yesterday morning. So perhaps unfortunately, I’ve become TOO acclimated to southern living. If I have to scrape frost off my windshield more than five times in a winter, I know it’s been a severe winter. LOL!