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MB, I’m literally laughing out loud after reading that. I love it! I’d read an article earlier today that said the Hillary crowd grabbed up a lot of those tickets in order to have EMPTY seats to embarrass Trump – guess they didn’t do their homework on the seating capacity.

Trump sometimes looks like a big, dumb, blundering idiot. His mannerisms and voice quality do a lot to create that appearance. He hasn’t gotten to where he’s gotten by being a big, dumb, blundering idiot. I LOVE it when the left is badly outsmarted and severely underestimates their opponents. ROFL! (I think that’s one rule that Uncle Saul left out of his 13 Rules for Radicals. Rule #14: “LOOK like a big, dumb, blundering idiot, so your opponents will constantly underestimate you.”

Tolik, I don’t know what happened to my post, but I also absolutely loved that video. Thank you. I’ve already forwarded it to some non-Forum friends. That guy grabs you deep down at an emotional level – he EARNED his right to call himself an American. They half-heartedly tried to cut him off, but didn’t really dare actually do it. That was powerful.