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I expect to see swarms of drones. Way to many for conventional defenses to be successful against.

74, if you didn’t already see this article, you really scored a direct hit – spot on!

U.S. Navy Plans to Fly First Drone Swarm This Summer


Some of the comments below the article are just plain stupid and represent low-information (and low IQ) readers, but some are very well informed. DoD has been tracking this, apparently quite quietly, since the 80s. It gives an entirely different slant on why FedGov is now requiring the registration of all drones. It ain’t about keeping them out of the flight paths of aircraft, any more than gun control is primarily about the mass murder of kids in elementary schools. It’s about protection through control (somewhat legitimate), but also control of the population. They will KNOW who’s potentially got the capability of watching “them” in neighborhoods, for example. For less than $1000, or not much more, any one of us can have very nice night vision capability – from 1000 feet above our neighborhoods, and watch what’s happening. Right now that may not be necessary in most areas in the US, but down the road ….

Drones are a big, big deal in all sorts of ways both on “their” side, as well as the citizens’ side (you know, us enemy folks). And of course, as you pointed out, militarily they could be a potential nightmare. Frankly, it’s a bit disconcerting that the US Navy is reportedly only going to fly its first drone swarm this summer. Not exactly proactive!