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I keep hearing Apple is going to reduce IPhone production by 30%. When a leading retail brand is forced to cut back like that, bad things are happening.

A report today that I read says that one of its suppliers is going on an unplanned HOLIDAY! Ditto on the “bad things are happening,” unless you listen to the government. That will calm your nerves. They’re telling us all is well, that the economy is improving, etc., etc., etc. Just like they did in 1929/30:

“There is no cause to worry. The high
tide of prosperity will continue.” Andrew
W. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury,
September, 1929.

“Secretary Lamont and officials of the
Commerce Department today denied
rumors that a severe depression in
business and industrial activity was
impending, which had been based on a
mistaken interpretation of a review of
industrial and credit conditions issued
earlier in the day by the Federal Reserve
Board”. New York Times, October, 1929.

“Trade recovery now complete President
told. Business survey conference reports
industry has progressed by own power. No
Stimulants Needed! Progress in all lines
by the early spring forecast.” New York
Herald Tribune, January, 1930

Listen to your government. They will never steer you wrong. All is well, if they can just eliminate all the dangers to society by removing all the guns from the hands of citizens.