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Sadly, I used to scoff at the idea of depopulation being an objective of those in control. Heck – I wasn’t even convinced that there even was really a group that was in control above the national level (that was a L O N G time ago, hah hah!). But the evidence seems to be more and more clear that depopulation is actually intended, and “they” don’t care who it really is, because “they” will take care of their own few, and the rest really don’t matter. They will be much better able to manage all the resources, etc., with much smaller populations. And if they can manage to get rid of the opposition, especially, all the “better.”

There! Have I secured permanent rights to a tin foil hat?

Seriously Leopard, I really don’t think they CARE about the general population. As MountainBiker said, “the people in control are shielded from the effects of their decisions and/or ineptitude. It is theoretical for them.” And therefore it doesn’t even matter to them whether they are inept (as long as the consequences don’t come back to bite them). One must truly understand Marxism – and it isn’t easily obvious in the Communist Manifesto (though it’s there, if one knows where and how to look for it). Hint: forget about all the bovine excrement about an idyllic economic system that benefits all the little people. It’s much like Jesus speaking in parables, except the hidden meaning is NOT uplifting and instructive – it’s destructive and even damning to the little people (defined as everyone that isn’t part of the leaders of the movement). It’s pure evil, and it’s origin is deeper and older than almost anyone realizes anymore – to their peril. You’re in our prayers in the Georgia Saint household, and I suspect others here as well.