Some days I want to just take a few things and leave and never look back.

I know we need to just wait. The rain will come. But what do you do when you are out on a farm and what’s left in the river is mud and sludge. You need to water your plants and the animals need water to drink – it is very hot. Above 40 degrees Celsius in many places. People are selling their animals to be slaughtered. Others have not got the means to move their animals.
Some towns even without drinking water for two weeks. Other going for 10 days.
If only the people “in control” would realize they are not capable of looking after their country’s people. The rivers…The dams…The water purifications systems. Animals are already dying of hunger, how long before the people are going to be dying.
We could have been much more prepared for this disaster

Daily state of dams in SA