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With the “Bernie” factor empowering the far left, in today’s local paper the editorial came out in full support of Obama’s new gun executive actions, and to stir up the uninformed even included that ancient long disproved “40% of gun sales do not go through background checks” mantra . I knew that would be today’s editorial. There were two other guest editorials spouting anti-Trump stuff plus a Letter To The Editor doing the same, and with today’s political cartoon above the Letter’s To The Editor being a whack against Trump concerning tomorrow night’s speech he will do in Burlington. That’s the speech that Bernie & Hillary supporters scoffed up as many tickets as they could with the plea being to then not show up so as to embarass Trump with lots of empty seats. That was reported in yesterday’s paper. Both anti-Trump guest editorials and the Letter to the Editor suggested parallels between Trump and Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. So, yes the Bernie factor has empowered the far left who aren’t holding anything back. The front page article about Obama’s proposal quoted Bloomberg’s person heading up his organization in VT talking about how reasonable the proposals are and that her group is neither pro or anti-gun but are simply people focused on common sense safety measures. There was not a single word from the Gun Owners of VT organization offering a contrary opinion. Gun Owners of VT has been leading the charge for the various organizations in VT with an interest in this topic. I know the guy in charge and he always makes himself available to the media. They just chose to ignore him.

The Bernie factor will diminish once he fades back into the background. Maybe I need to stop reading the paper until then.

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