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I’m not savvy like GS on the correct psychology terminology, but I do agree that the man is dangerous.

And you don’t have to know the first thing about the diagnostic terminology and descriptions that come out of a book the mental health field uses, either. Common sense and three numbers in your IQ (100 is just average) are more than enough to see the obvious – except for the brainwashed, or similarly mentally disordered. Just be aware that there are formalized diagnoses for just about everything (mostly label-making for purposes that are NOT in peoples’ best interests), and Obama appears to clearly fit into what used to be known as “Cluster B” personality disorders (don’t know if that term is still used in the brand new version of the label-making book, known as DSM5 – I finally escaped from that world still with my own sanity). Cluster B disorders contain two of the most dangerous types. And we’ve got plenty of intelligent people here in the Forum with good common sense. That’s all that’s needed to adequately assess the man. Beware.