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We had an entirely unique experience watching that “event.” We were in a restaurant, and were far enough from the TV that we could not quite read the closed captioning. What we caught appeared to be the Q/A afterward. It was absolutely stunning watching how infuriated he appeared for a very extended period of time, and then what appeared to be TEARS! We just got back home and haven’t seen a re-run of the spectacle, so we have no idea what was up with the theatrics, but my immediate comment with the tears part (assuming that four of us were correct in what we were witnessing) was, “I wonder who taught him to do THAT on demand!”

The language that was wanting to come out of my mouth was not suitable for any company, let alone a nice peaceful restaurant – but DARN was it close! All I could think about was that radio station’s call letters: WPOS.

Actually, I don’t think I even want to know what his comments were. I don’t want to throw up that otherwise decent lunch. Surely I already know the general nature of them. I pity those of you that suffered through the verbiage. But believe me – watching ONLY his facial expressions during it, especially with the tears, and when he started wagging his finger in the air, was ALMOST worth watching. He truly looked like he was coming unglued. If it was in fact a Q/A session after the speech, I suspect we were witnessing the true narcissistic personality disorder coming out full bore. And in case anyone is not familiar with what a narcissistic personality disorder is, be aware that it’s truly one of the most dangerous. Most people know that antisocial personality disorders are really bad folks, but most people have no idea just how dangerous a real NPD really is or can be, when crossed. They’re capable of anything when seriously challenged, and the more intelligent they are, the more dangerous.

If you DO need to lighten up after listening to him, go find a tape of it somewhere and watch him with the volume off, once he gets heated up. It’s almost funny (if you can forget what he actually said). I’m truly hoping some of that WAS genuine emotion, because it means he is getting closer to becoming unglued. He may be more unpredictable, but he’d also be much more prone to making “mistakes.” I’d LOVE to see him come unglued and start making some BIG mistakes, personally. He might actually become vulnerable then.