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The only significant thing I’d add to that video is the lack of usefulness of the word “communism” or any of its forms today. Uncle Saul has done a masterful job using Rule #5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” They’ve ridiculed the use of the word “communism” or calling someone a “communist,” to the point that they can end a discussion within seconds with that tactic – get people laughing at the “idiot” that uses the word “communism,” because “everybody” knows communism is a relic of history, and anyone that still talks about it as if it’s present tense is a tin foil hat wearing whacko, worthy of ridicule, and probably even worthy of distrust – extreme right wing domestic terrorists. And because of Uncle Saul’s rules (particularly #5), even the use of that video provides a golden opportunity to ridicule the ludicrous use of an ancient black and white propaganda piece a half century later, as if it’s even relevant (it is, but we can’t get away with saying it – not in that manner, at least).

Don’t use the word “communism” or any form of it. Describe WHAT is happening. Describe the concepts, not using the label to describe what you’re trying to say. Of course what it really is, is Marxism which is different in a way that few have understood, as opposed to what is described in the first three chapters of the Manifesto. It’s that little bitty 3/4 page 4th chapter that has the real meat in it – the tactics and the ultimate goals. And it’s brutal and complete in its scope. Anyone that has been brainwashed into believing that communism is dead, needs only to see that there still are CPUSA conventions, and a web site, for example. They will use the term internally, because they’re proud of it. But let an outsider (particularly a detractor) use it, and Rule #5 is invoked immediately by any good Marxist: mockery or “ridicule” – an almost guaranteed discussion-stopper. Focus on the concepts, not the name – it’s pure, fundamental evil. That road even goes a whole lot further than I choose to pursue in this forum, however.

From the current CPUSA web site, just one of the many tidbits of strategic “hints” is the following (discussing the current Democratic candidates for President):

They also include Bernie Sanders, an independent senator from Vermont who is a self-avowed socialist and calls for a “political revolution.” Even if he does not win the Democratic nomination, his grassroots campaign has attracted enormous excitement and very importantly has brought discussion of socialism out of the shadows and back into the political mainstream.

Hmmm… Dead? A relic of the past? Not according to the “dead relic” itself, anyway. Again quoting Alan Stang from the end of his broadcasts, “Think about it!” It’s what’s all behind the “Gun grab for 2016.”