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I got my first semi auto hi-cap pistol after feeling the need to have protection for my family when my kids were just little. The man at the gun counter was a competitive shooter and he advised that I pick a spot on the wall to aim, close my eyes and then try pointing different pistols to see which one would consistently point closest to intended target for me. In my case it was the Glock each time, so I when with it. I chose the Glock 19, which was fairly new at the time and the “controversy” was raging over polymer framed guns. After a short time I switched from the 9mm to the .40 S&W and the Glock 23. At the time Police departments were switching in large numbers to the .40 S&W and the Glock was probably the most popular choice. This is still the case currently, although there has been some movement to the 9mm .357 Sig and other gun makers than the Glock.

Around the time of the Clinton Gun Ban in 1994 Boston’s Gun Bible was published (1998, Boston T. Party). Still a classic, he highly recommended the Glock pistols and, because of the ban (which expired in 2004, thanks in big part to George W. Bush) he recommended purchasing as many private sale Glock 23’s and magazines as you came across and could afford. Not bad advice, but it does mean that over the years I have “collected” a few spare G23’s both Gen 2-3. It turned out this was good financial advice also, since their value has risen faster than any money left in the bank during these same years.

Now I also have drop in barrels in 9mm and .357 Sig which can be used to shoot these cartridges thought the G23s. Also a threaded barrel for use when suppression is desired. All of the G32’s I have shoot well and are great for concealed as well as open carry, as well as a night stand gun. It is my “go-to, all-around” hand gun.