Ernst Stavro Biofield said ” There are a few Afghan troops that mean business and dish out their fair share of mayhem to the Taliban, but most including almost all of the so called police force are not. They cower down and think that someone else will do the work for them.”
Well if we leave the Russians alone , and dont interfere with OUR incompetence , they WILL get the job done , in probably half the time . Besides , we created a lot of the problems that are having over in that part of the world , they are now forced to go in and clean up the mess . Let them take some hits for a change . I dont blame our soldiers , but our leadership is poor and our government cant be trusted , they have proven how dirty their motives are , and there is no low they wont go to accomplish their goals , including turning on the American people . Step aside and let Putin take a stab at it , it seems his way of doing things , so far is getting results ………you know how long we have been in that part of the world , and also know that it didnt work , we , and they are no farther ahead that at the beginning ………after all that time , and we are STILL there ………..accomplishing what ? Let them take some hits for a change , so our guys dont have to .