I know that California is a hot spot as are other areas of the USA during SHTF, yet I am here. I also know that where I live and what I do for work (self employed) are where God wants me for some reason. If I didn’t know that right now I would be getting up and out of here very quickly. I know this State is going to have some bad days ahead but there is a reason I am where I am….don’t know why but its not important as long as I know I am where I am supposed to be.

I keep hearing people online say things like “Get our of Babylon, get out of the USA, or you are going to get punished for staying after being warned”. I don’t pay any attention to this stuff because first of all if you are looking for Babylon in the true sense then that would pretty much be this whole planet. They are getting that ideology from the Bible but that is not what it is saying at all. It is saying to get out of false religion and quit giving your heart over to this world. I think that is self explanatory. Besides, how many of us can just afford to leave our homes behind and go live in a country we’ve never been to before. That isn’t even reasonable thinking. Also, if we are awake, then I doubt we have given our hearts over to this world because we would oblivious to what is happening around us if we did.

And Tweva….Freedom is right. God is not in a building he is in your heart. Most real Christians today have already gone underground. As far as your location be safe unless you are supposed to be there and know that for a fact, and by that I mean that you know God has you where you are for a reason. Like I said I know I am to stay where I am, if I didn’t I would high-tail it out of this state fast!