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tweva Things have changed a lot since you were here. I live in Coral Gables. The area were you worked is better now but still not the best place in Miami. Downtown Miami has grown big time, two to three times bigger. The Brickell area is were it is happening now with people walking all night. Remember you could not walk Brickell at night without getting robed, not anymore. Brickell is full of police and many of the rich live there now. Condos go for over a million dollars there and that is the small two bedroom. It has changed.

But as you know Coral Gables is a very old City in Florida, high ground, it’s one of the highest ground(sea level) in the County.
The Code for Coral Gables building is very good too. I live in a 1923 home which has gone though a lot and is still standing.

But I will be keep my ears open for any message God tells me.