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A strengthening El Niño weather pattern is bringing dry conditions to sub-Saharan Africa, prompting the national weather service to predict below-normal rainfall for the next four months.

Whether man-made climate change, judgements of God, or “mere” concidence, the immediate as well as longer term result is the same. Disaster. Perhaps it’s just more reporting of the news and it only seems like the entire world is being hit with wave after wave of severity, but, well, it sure does seem like it. And society is reacting, and will react even worse, as conditions continue.

We are very fortunate to have each found this resource. Despite up to 10,000 miles between some of us, we can share information to help limit our own negative experiences, and also be supportive of each other. Sometimes just knowing that somebody, somewhere, cares, can be motivation to keep going.

(By the way – in the book section of this site, I recently recommended “Keep Going – The Art of Perseverance,” by Joseph M. Marshall III. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It has had more impact on me than almost any other book, despite it’s very small size, and seeming – but deceptive – simplicity.)