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All you Santas don’t drink and drive, let Mrs. Claus take the wheel, or Rudolph, but if his nose is too red forgit about it, better sleep in Walmart’s parking lot. BTW, did you read this: Man’s four stages of Santa Claus: First, you believe in Santa. Second, you find out who he really is, third, you get to play Santa, lastly, you look like Santa!
May the elves get you the hugs you deserve, stay alert and don’t flirt with Johnny or Janney Law. the cuffs they put on ya are expensive.

Good advice. Here in Vermont those electronic highway signs have been pushing the drinking & driving message with a play on Star Wars. “Drink and Drive?”, “Path to Darkside It Is” As for me, between today and Sunday I have 3 neighborhood gatherings to go to, the furthest being half a mile up the road so I won’t be going too far.