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Yes , agree, everywhere. I left your place 25 years ago and went north to the gentle mountains that were my original home. I grew up used to Mother Nature’s changes of season, the mountains, water and far less people. I never felt safe with the sea so very close. It is powerful and too unpredictable. I respect that. Mother Nature has a plan. The whole 15 years I lived there I was very aware I was but an insignificant spec in her plans. So, I moved to much higher ground.

South Florida, stepping back from family and friends, work? I looked around and I saw lots of false things. Oh how easy to fall for the sun, warmth and always…shiny, new, best, newest everything. But yet, neighbors 12 feet on either side of me could not look you in the eye…afraid. The way I managed to be able to leave S Florida was because I asked for a way from ‘whomever’ – and expected, knew I would figure it out. A man I happened accidentaly to meet in the office I worked asked me of some of my skills and offered me a job. Surprise, more money, better conditions. Very new to me but interesting business. I ended up, shortly, managing ocean-going cargo ships for some rich men in Europe I never did or have met. This rise in money, which I saved, got me out of there. My office was near 79th street when riots there happened there/a sniper for 3 yrs shooting people on I-95 overpass – rough area. Loved/fascinated by work but… Glad that few years was quickly behind me and I could leave. Don’t miss it. Never did feel safe there. BUT this is ME. Maybe I just needed an excuse to go home where I came from many years before.

Kendall, Hialeah, Coconut Grove points north. Yes know it well. (South Beach was a disaster still when I lived there not a place for movie stars) Thank you for asking. I can close my eyes and still see the draw bridges over Key Biscayne and the bleached, white roads that got slick when heavy rains would fall and 5 minutes later be gone.. May your family always stay as one!