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The way that these are set up the length is not that big of a deal as a necker. Of course each bushcrafter is different, but it is quite common to have a mid sized knife like this as your carver/fine detail use knife and a large chopper or axe for heavier work. Knives of this size are perfect for doing feather sticks, making pot hooks, general carving, etc. I have even field dressed quite a few different type animals with a knife similar to this one. The nice thing about necker setups is as such: You can set them up however you like. For instance, I am currently using a Helle Harding for my necker. I is 8.25 inches OAL. The SBT is only .25 inches longer AND has a pommel plate. The sheath that you use for your necker is also a factor. I like to use either a cobra braid paracord setup or leather cordage. Either one work quite well. On dedicated neckers I punch holes in the belt loop or wrap the sheath in rawhide to punch holes in for the neck cordage.

I will be getting my SBT in only a few weeks. The 40 months is a long time, but you can find these floating around from time to time. If you want a knife that you can bet your life on, this is one of them. Rod really does a tremendous job with these things and if you have solid knife skills, there is little that you can’t do with these bad boys.

Forged knives with a twisted handle like the one pictured in the video preview have been around for a long time. I have used them from time to time, but prefer them only for general use or patch type knives. The handles will dig in and mess your hands up after prolonged use as you do camping chores. Try using one to fit poles together when making a hut or shelter…. You are going to have several hot spots or blisters. Been there done that. The nice thing about file knives is that the steel is very hard and will hold an edge quite well if you do a proper treat on it. I used to have an old Diamond rasp knife that was a Hudson Bay pattern. It was nice and worked quite well, but I just didn’t like the shape so I traded it off. If another rasp/file knife cropped up that I like, I would definitely take a look at it. Like I mentioned, the steel in files and rasps is quite good.


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