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GS is right. There is no way to pay down the federal debt. The best we can hope for is someone who stops adding to it, and even that will be a monumental undertaking given the size of the imbalance. Were the feds to abruptly balance the budget the economy would collapse given how much of the economy is driven by federal spending. People don’t tend to think about the extent to which the feds are funding State and local spending or that between Medicare, Medicaid, VA, and federal employee & retiree health care, federal money represents the majority of healthcare spending. Next year a very small bridge in my neighborhood will be replaced. That money is coming from the State which in turn gets it from the Feds. As high as our property taxes are due to school spending, it would be much higher without federal money that subsidizes special ed., school buses, the cafeteria, and so on. The “School Resource Officer” at the High School is likely funded by federal money channeled through the State. The small regional airport here locally just completed a major runway expansion and other improvements, again Federal money channeled through the State. The airport is part of the vast federal network of small airports in which the feds subsidize limited passenger service. I’m not saying this can’t be fixed, just that there aren’t any easy solutions. The imbalance is just too vast. The best we can hope for is a President that begins to turn the ship in the right direction.