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GS, the beard to me is a turn to communist. Maybe it’s the Cuban in me that anyone that grows a beard in high power are left wing. Ryan did that the minute he got the power.

I like Cruz because he has voted for what he stands for. We need someone that will do that. I do not believe Carson has the energy to take on what is facing the country right now. The left wants to take all of our constitutional right away one Amendment at a time. To me Cruz in all the debates talks about the constitution one way or another. So does Ron Paul but he is very low in the polls.

But when it comes to the economy with close to 19 Trillion dollar debt and the 100’s of Trillions in liability in debt from SS, MC and all other government agencies there is only one that has even a chance to get us out and that is Trump. Now understand that we are in so much trouble that even Trump may not be able to save us. But he is the only one in this race with the background in business to do it. He is also the only one with the right people that can help him do it.

Now I know that he is not as conservative as Cruz or Carson. But I have to say that right now we need someone to fix all this debt. The country needs the best CEO to run the largest corp in the world, the U. S. Government. Trump is the only one to do this. I believe that the Democrats and the Republicans do not like him because Trump will run the government like his companies and will try his best to cut what he sees as waste, the old parties will not want this.

I still think that Trump will have a hard time being nominated by the GOP even if the people vote for him. The GOP sees him as a poison pill that they can’t control.

The GOP see that the people are not going for any of there old politicians. Even Cruz is not liked by the GOP. But they will take Cruz over Trump any day since they believe that they can find a way to control Cruz.