Pistol, handcuffs and a night stick.

So much for less lethal means.
Pepper spray, tasers, both brought about to reduce injury to suspects. But hey, beating them works. Get ready for more Rodney King jokes.

Radios and cell phones, calling for ambulances when help is needed, generally considered a good idea.

Knives, for cutting stuck seat belts and vehicle seats after crashes, but hey one could wait for the firemen, if they maybe have a knife under all that garbage.

Flashlights? Nah who would need a light with them anyways.

Unless you’ve done the job, you have no clue what ‘needs’ to be on the duty belt.
You wouldn’t try to tell a mechanic what tools he doesn’t need.
You wouldn’t try to tell a surgeon what instruments he doesn’t need.
But everyone seems to want to tell the cops what tools they need.