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GS, am I detecting just a hint of cynicism concerning national and world leadership? Good thing you didn’t listen to the Hildebeast rant on about how Trump has put the US in danger of ISIS attacks. It is abundantly clear that when the next attacks come they are going to blame Trump. The major media likely already has rough drafts of the story ready to go, same as they have obituaries complete with film clips ready for release the moment celebrities die.

Rest assured that the B-52’s going over the islands excuse is automatically believed verbatim by about 1/3 of the general public and will be portrayed as true by probably 95% of the major media. Most of the rest of the general public either doesn’t care or isn’t paying attention. This is why they know they can get away with really outlandish claims when it is happening on the other side of the world and isn’t interrupting Dancing With The Stars.