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And the beat goes on. First we’ve got B-52s flying over the newly constructed Chinese islands in the Pacific. The Chinese predictably complain. Our response? Simply unbelievable! The B-52s didn’t realize they’d flown over the new Chinese island, and never intended to (so says the US military spokesman). ROFL! A B-52 in 2015 doesn’t know where it is, and can be off course more than 12 miles? They’ve got more chance of selling brass toilet seats to Eskimos than getting the Chinese (or anyone else) to buy that one!

But even better is Turkey’s latest move in smooth international diplomacy:

ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan met with Khaled Meshaal, leader of Palestinian militant group Hamas, on Saturday in Istanbul, Turkish presidential sources said, a day after Israel and Turkey said they were close to patching up five-year political rift.


Let’s see – global warming is supposedly a major issue, worthy of more international attention, cooperation, and support than any other issue. I wonder what nuclear war would do to the world climate scene….

Meanwhile, back at home in the United States, the would-be presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, who said “hell no” he wouldn’t support the just-passed massive economic bill handed to Obama and the Democrats by Speaker Ryan, missed yet another vote in the Senate – while Cruz and Paul both made the vote (and voted against it). Nice goin’ Marco! (My own “conservative Republican” representative voted for it – #$%!@ Rhino.) Let’s keep runnin’ up the national debt Marco, keep the voters confused on where you stand on immigration – and, oh, by the way, help us understand why/how we could possibly trust you in the White House….