Keep kids safe
Another tip was the importance of a family safety plan being in place when visitors are staying over.
“This is so a child can use a code or make a signal to show that he or she is in distress and needs help.
“Always listen to your child if they display or demonstrate discomfort around any adult or individual.”
Omar recommended that teenagers left alone at home should not indicate to anyone that they are alone in any way. “Not by telephone, social media or even when they answer the door bell”
She said it was vital to tell your children that if by chance they do get lost, the safest person to seek help from is another mother with children.
“A parent must then explain to the children step by step what they should do – If you can’t find us, walk up to another mother with children and say: I am lost, can you please help me?”
Omar said parents should make sure children know all the relevant cellphone numbers. “For young children and children with special needs, parents should make and place a laminated ID card with their information on it as well as two cellphone numbers where you can be reached.
“The best place to stick it is in the bottom of their shoe. Most importantly tell your children that if they get separated from you, they should never leave the place they’re at.”