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I logged on tonight and noted that there’s been nothing by anybody for a long time – much longer than usual. I read Selco’s new article, thanks to the email I hope everyone got, but was more than a bit surprised that the only thing here was 74’s link to it (thank you 74!!). Had I not seen that, I was going to post the link myself.

I cannot describe in words what I felt as I read not just the article earlier today (much thanks, Selco), but more particularly the responses (six as I type this) below the article. Read them all, and contrast what we’ve got here in the US (as bad as it is) with what’s happening in Sweden (especially see response by Mellanmjölk) and the person in Brazil (Miguel). If you thought the news media controls what we know about the world, you likely still weren’t even close – at least I wasn’t prepared for the Swedish situation. I have seen absolutely nothing about what he described there at the Stockholm IKEA store. It obviously made the news wires, but disappeared almost immediately.


Note the total turn-around: Ikea bans knives in order to “neuter the desire some in society feel to murder strangers.” What?!? A Muslim terrorist arrives in Sweden only four weeks earlier, goes to an Ikea store, grabs a knife, beheads a Swedish woman and stabs her son to death right in the store, and the store is worried most about Swedes grabbing knives on display in the store to murder “strangers?” And police are dispatched to the migrant camps to protect them from “backlash?” No, I am absolutely against revenge killings. But the emphasis is entirely, completely, totally bass ackwards.

Now with that said, the above paragraph is compiled from multiple relatively obscure sources. The only mainstream source I could find in the US was Washington Post, which turned the above narrative upside down: the two men were Christian immigrants, and the whole story was so badly mistaken and far more complex than most “blogs” were reporting. Oh. And why is it that I did extensive searching and found absolutely zero stories from the Swedish press, or anything else from Swedish police or other officials, later than about 12 August 2015 (a couple of days after the random attack)? I have no idea what really happened in that Ikea store, other than apparently two people lost their lives, and one, possibly two immigrants were involved. What is absolutely clear is that the media and government have been entirely s-i-l-e-n-t on the story since about one day after it occurred, Muslim immigrants were protected, Swedish citizens were immediately cast into suspicion, and Ikea took knives off store shelves so there wouldn’t be “backlash” attacks against “strangers.” Beyond that, we just don’t know. Oh – a photograph shows a person that apparently had a VERY long neck, laying on the floor of the Ikea store – or else that head was no longer attached to the nearby body. Kind of blurry – and again, no confirmation from police, who only called it a “stabbing.”

So that’s what the Swedish comment was referring to – which was entirely new information to me tonight.

Of additional significance are the feelings of those outside the US about their complete inability to defend themselves in their own countries, while rampant terror is going on. We in the US must be kept in the dark about all of that, and simply have Sweden held up to us as a near-Utopian socialist model to be emulated here in the US. Uh huh! Don’t tell us what’s really going on – we natives might get far more restless.

Selco, so much thanks for sharing what you do with us, and providing the opportunities for sharing among ourselves. I, for one, thought I was pretty well read about world news. Since being invited to the SHTF Forum, I’ve had a world opened to me that I simply did not know about. The comments from Sweden and Brazil are examples of that previously completely dark area. Knowledge is power. Without it, one operates in the dark.