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The inherent desire for freedom by all people may be the saving grace.

That’s an open question, in my mind. I’m all for it — kumbaya, and all that — but some people (as witness recent events) endeavor to terrorize and enslave others. Is what they want truly freedom? I doubt it. Latitude to get away with what they are doing, perhaps, but anyone who fixes so much of his energy and attention on anyone else, is not truly free. By his choices, he’s made himself into someone who (as Barbara Streisand sings) “needs people,” in a truly sick way. His psychic survival demands someone to dominate and mistreat, because, most likely, that’s what has already been done to him.

This applies in at least the social, political. religious, physical, and financial realms. Getting along with such people is a tough row to hoe. As a friend once observed, “Some folks just need killin’.”

Cry, "Treason!"

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