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If we understand the risks correctly, we’ll be better served by noting who is dealing drugs in your area. Marijuana dealers may be legal and clean-up in some areas of the country for its medical aspects. I knew as a teen, the guy who sold us “weed” could just as easily have sold us pills and or heroin. Gangs and drugs do seem to go together like flies and sh*t. Warlords will show up if the economy would really belly up, their minions would be paid in dope while supplies lasted. If anyone is still “toking up” on this forum I hope you are doing it legally and won’t get visited by the cartel types looking to get paid. I have started dreaming of outfitting my entire family in bullet-stopping vests when I read about these shootings–gang members are pretty bad (untrained) shooters and I bet you can find dozens of wounded and dead from these thugs. Anyone see the ballistic clip board or the anti-bullet “blankets” for school kids? This is the collapse, Merry Christmas…